About Personal Analytics

Personal Developer Analytics project by André Meyer from the SEAL Lab at the University of Zurich (UZH).

The current public release can be downloaded from: https://pluto.ifi.uzh.ch/PersonalAnalytics-master

Comments, contributors and questions are welcome!

GitHub repository: https://github.com/sealuzh/PersonalAnalytics

Personal Analytics Interface


September 2014: Initiated by André Meyer and regularly updated since then.

November, 2015: OpenSourced project.

February, 2016: Improved the retrospection and added the Office 365 tracker during an internship at Microsoft Research between November, 2015 and February, 2016

April, 2016: Merged the branch (from Microsoft Research) with the original version, following the open sourcing of the code.

Mai, 2016: Started working on a communication dashboard (including more insights into interactions with others) with ABB Research (on a separate branch)

June, 2016: Started working on integrating the Muse tracker with Monica Trink, a master student at UZH (on the 'muse' branch)

December, 2016: Started working on integrating several other biometric sensors (Polar, Garmin, FitBit) (on the 'biometrics' branch)

February, 2017: Integrated the FlowLight to avoid interruptions at inopportune moments

March, 2017: Started working on task type detection (on the 'taskdetection' branch)


An overview about all releases of PersonalAnalytics, including changelogs, can be found on our GitHub page.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz (University of Zurich)

Dr. Tom Zimmermann (Microsoft Research)

Prof. Dr. Gail C. Murphy (University of British Columbia)

Manuela Züger and Sebastian Müller (University of Zurich)

Paige Rodeghero, Boyang Li and Dave Shepherd (ABB Research)

André Meyer
Thomas Fritz
Manuela Züger
Sebastian Müller

Tom Zimmermann
Gail C. Murphy
Dave Shepherd
Boyang Li